We offer chain elevator and belt elevator. 
We make
 1) Centrifugal discharge elevator. 
 2) Continuous discharge elevator. 
 3) Perfect discharge elevator.

In this type bucket are mounted at certain pitch on the chain or belt.    Here material discharged at centrifugal face, as they pass over the wheel or sprocket. This type of elevator is used to handle free flowing material where the lump size is not more than 50 mm. We make this elevator up to 50 tons per hour & height up to 20 meters.

CONTINUOUS DISCHARGE ELEVATOR:- These elevators have continuous bucket bolted on chain or belt. In this elevator eliminates spillage in the bottom of the boot. It is slow speed machine. This elevator is especially adopted to handle light, fluffy material with fine powder and lump up to 50 mm size

Perfect discharge elevator is suitable for handling light, fluffy and sluggish material like coal, lime, earth, etc. In this perfect discharge of material is assured as buckets are inverted over the discharge spout.

We also manufacture slate conveyor, radler conveyor, drage conveyor. We also make foundry equipment like pouring pot, molding box, rotary for small foundries.

We also undertake fabrication job as per client drawing and design.  

Schematic Diagram Of Bucket Elevator
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